Lest We Forget 1914 – 1918

As we’re not able to commemorate ANZAC Day with a ceremony this year, we ask that you support our local Sorrento/Portsea RSL by donating to their annual ANZAC Day appeal.

1914 – 1918 The Fallen

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1914 – 1918 They Also Served

Allison, J.
Bourke, Michael9th Light Horse28 Oct 14Sorrento
Brown, J.B.
Brown, R.N.P.
Carleton, G.
Cesari, Italo23rd Btn 10th Reinf17 Jul 15Sorrento
Chase, Theyre Pelham59th Btn31 Jul 15Sorrento
Clark, Boswell21st Btn9 Jan 15Sorrento
Clark, Hector Edward Skelton5 Oct 18Sorrento
Clark, W.M.
Cousins, Arthur Raymond7th Btn 18th Reinf20 Mar 16Sorrento
Cousins, Norman Vincent29th Btn12 Jul 15Sorrento
Dark, Alfred John Heath22nd Btn 6th Reinf17 Jul 15Sorrento
Eldred, Frederick Walter5th Btn 7th Reinf22 Apr 15Sorrento
Erlandsen, Erland Andrew3/2nd Cyclist Btn1 Jun 16Sorrento
Erlandsen, T.B.
Finney, Walter1st General Hospital19 Apr 15Sorrento
Ford, Alfred Sandle3rd Field Artillery 11th Reinf30 May 15Portsea
Grant, Walter William17 Jul 15Sorrento
Hall, J.M.
Hibbert, Frank Ernest30th Btn15 Jul 15Sorrento
Hibbert, James Edmond21st Btn1 Jun 16Sorrento
Hill, William James8th Light Horse 21st Reinf11 Jul 16Sorrento
Hosie, H.J.
Hosie, Silas Parker10th Field Ambulance4 Feb 16Sorrento
Jeffreys, Albert Ernest58th Btn 5th Reinf30 Jun 16Sorrento
Kerr, E.
Keys, Alfred Edward5th Btn17th Aug 14Portsea
Keys, Joseph Charles38th Btn 8th Reinf22 Nov 17Portsea
King, Robert John59th Btn14 Jul 15Sorrento
Knight, John William30th Btn13 Jul 15Portsea
McKenzie, George Frederick14th Field Ambulance28 Jul 15Sorrento
Mackinnon, Walter Alexander23rd Btn10 Jan 17Portsea
Mathisen, Roy IngbertHMAS Melbourne5 Mar 13Sorrento
Maxwell, Walrond Bell24th Btn 15th Reinf12 Apr 16Sorrento
Morce, Frederick20 Jul 15Sorrento
Morce, Thomas59th Btn12 May 15Sorrento
Morley, William39th Btn25 Feb 18Sorrento
Muchemore, Jack Arthur37th Btn7 Feb 16Portsea
Myslis, Henry SamuelANZAC Provost Corps17 Aug 14Sorrento
Myslis, Moss5th Railway Corps15 Jan 17Sorrento
Newman, Robert WilliamDental Corps9 Oct 16Sorrento
Norwood, William John57th Btn30 Apr 17Sorrento
Pickersgill, William16th Btn 14th Reinf17 Nov 15Portsea
Rapson, Rufus James8th Light Horse 11th Reinf17 Jun 1915Sorrento
Russell, William Henry46th Btn15 Aug 16Sorrento
Skelton, Alfred Ernest5th Btn 13th Reinf20 Feb 1725 Nov 15Sorrento
Skelton, Walter5th Btn 13th Reinf25 Nov 15Sorrento
Smith, L.W.
Spunner, James Richard26th RA Naval Bridge Train16 Nov 16Sorrento
Stirling, Gordon Douglas59th Btn 4th Reinf28 Apr 16Portsea
Tayton, Henry59th Btn11 Mar 18
Thompson, H.
Thompson, James Dixon21st Btn 18th Reinf25 Oct 16Sorrento
Thompson, R.
Trenwith, William Arthur22nd Btn M/Gun Corp20 Feb 17Sorrento
Watson, Alfred Henry39th Btn6 Mar 16Sorrento
Watts, Edward John “Ted”39th Btn6 Jan 17Sorrento
Watts, George Norris Whyburn37th Btn 7th Reinf30 Jan 17Sorrento
White, Ernest George31st Btn14 Jul 15Sorrento
White, Westley Gilbertson59th Btn10 Aug 16Sorrento
Willcox, Christopher Franklin24th Btn 7th Reinf24 Jul 15Sorrento