Ships in Quarantine

1852 – 1882

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DATE SHIP FROM Dths at QS Dths at Sea
4th Nov Ticonderoga Liverpool 82 100
10th Nov Delgany Liverpool 1 4
9th Dec Bombay London 1 24
2nd Jan Allison Liverpool 6 or 8 (Argus) 21
19th Jan Priscilla Liverpool 11 41
6th Apr Confiance Liverpool 4 27
16th May Calliope Southampton 1 3
13th Jun Childe Harold Liverpool 26
15th Jun Genghis Khan Liverpool
18th Sep Australia Liverpool
21st Sep Arabian Bristol
30th Sep Charles Liverpool 3 5
3rd Oct Statesman Liverpool 3
12th Jun Conway Greenock 3
30th Jun Lord Stanley Liverpool
1st Jul City of Manchester Southampton 1
8th Jul Ontario Southampton 2 10
15th Jul James Carson Liverpool 1
9th Aug Great Britain Liverpool 1
Unknown Eliza Harbeek San Francisco
6th Nov Spartacus San Francisco
Unknown Chamois Mauritius
15th Nov Susan & Kate Denning San Francisco
27th Nov Victoria Hamburg
6th Dec Baron of Bramber Mauritius
20th Dec Champion of the Seas Liverpool
Unknown Narwhal Mauritius
29th Dec Scotia Mauritius
6th Jan Lina Mauritius
15th Jan Covenanter Liverpool 3 7
18th Jan United Mauritius
6th Feb Frederick Huth Mauritius
12th Feb Gipsy Bride Liverpool 4 16
13th Feb Amelia Hong Kong 7 16
14th Feb Australia Mauritius
22nd May Epaminondas Plymouth
20th Sep Agen and Heinrich Hamburg 2
31st Oct Sussex London
22nd Jun Henry Gillespie Mauritius
23rd Jun Ocean Monarch Plymouth
12th Nov Nugget Liverpool
15th Apr Bee Liverpool
9th May Morning Glory Liverpool
15th May Grande Trianon Southampton 1
26th Jun Ocean Chief Liverpool 1
26th Jul Maldon Liverpool
3rd Aug Star of the South Liverpool 3
8th Oct Commodore Perry Liverpool 1
21st Oct Mindora Plymouth 4
19th Dec Shakespeare Liverpool
31st Jan Bermondsey Plymouth 7
9th Mar Merchant Prince Liverpool 2
21st Mar Tornado Liverpool
27th Apr Arabian Liverpool 1
7th May Black Swan London
8th Jun Atlanta Plymouth
4th Jul Tudor Liverpool
21st Aug Morning Light Liverpool 1
21st Apr Red Jacket Liverpool
18th Aug Ocean Home Liverpool 1
12th Mar Donald McKay Liverpool
14th Jun Wilhelmine Foo Choo
20th Jun Phoenix Liverpool 2
6th Oct Donald McKay Liverpool
28th Jul Star of India Liverpool 1
26th May Snap Dragon Hong Kong 1
26th Nov Great Victoria Liverpool 2
19th Dec Red Jacket Liverpool
2nd Jan Golden Empire Liverpool 2
30th Jan John Frazer Cardiff
9th Feb Douglas Batavia
5th Mar Otto Sourabaya 1
4th Aug London London
12th Feb Rosina Macao 1
27th Mar Western Ocean Liverpool 1 5
20th Jul Tornado Liverpool
30th Apr Berengaria Hong Kong
16th Dec Canterbury London 1
13th Nov Balmacarra Batavia
29th Nov Avondale Foo-Chow-Foo
31st Dec Tornado Liverpool
3rd Jan Tornado Liverpool 4
6th Jul Furness Abbey London
27th Jan Lady Jocelyn Plymouth
17th Apr Percy Plymouth
25th Jun Star of Peace London
10th Sep Triton Batavia
26th Sep Colonial Empire Plymouth 0 2
4th Oct Lincolnshire London
3rd Nov Skjold Batavia
4th Nov Onward Hong Kong
4th Nov Bengal Batavia
9th Nov Hannah Nicholson Foo Chow
23rd Nov Talisman Batavia
7th Dec Carl Batavia
10th Dec Jan van Galen Samarang
18th Dec Marquis of Argyle Hong Kong
18th Dec Odeuse Foo Chow
19th Dec Kassa Samarang
20th Dec Maria Elizabeth Bankok
15th Jan Queen of the Thames London
21st Jan Defiance Batavia
31st Jan Cory Pheus Foo Chow
8th Feb Peggy Samarang
4th Mar Wolverine Batavia
7th Mar Supberb London
21st Mar H.I.R.M. Hydamack Sourabaya
24th Mar Stanley Batavia
25th Mar Albert Victor Sourabaya
13th Apr Carl Batavia
22nd May Somerset Shire London
9th Jun North Star London
1st Aug Bordeaux Calcutta
11th Oct Norfolk London
25th Oct Colonial Empire London 3
21st Aug Albion New Zealand
1st Mar Atrato Plymouth
18th Apr Alardus Hamburg 4 28
5th May Baroda Galle
20th May Baroda Sydney 1
6th Mar Sumatra Bombay 1
1st Jan Bangalore Bombay
6th Apr Linguist Liverpool 1
10th Aug Macduff London 2
13th Jun Siam Bombay
4th Nov Hankow London
12th Mar Bangalore Bombay
8th May Twee Vrienden Java 7 3
11th May British Sceptre London
24th Aug Suva Fiji
21st Sep Kent London
13th Jul Galley of Lorne Foo Chow
1st Aug Canton Foo Chow
16th Aug Meath Foo Chow
17th Aug Charlton Foo Chow
21st Aug Lusitania London 1
30th Aug Catterthun Foo Chow
31st Aug Chiltern Foo Chow
1st Sep Europa Foo Chow
13th Sep Nelson Hong Kong
14th Sep Eden Cobi 1
23rd Sep Cingalee Foo Chow
24th Sep Menmuir Hong Kong
25th Oct Tannadice Hong Kong
29th Oct Sorato London
1st Nov Meath Hong Kong
5th Nov Oneca Samarang
10th Dec Carthage London
1st Jan Ocean Hong Kong
3rd Jan Bowen Hong Kong
6th Jan Garonne London 1
25th Jan Mirzapore London 1
2nd Apr Columbus Cape Town
13th Apr Twee Vrienden Samarang 1 1
4th May Indus Foo Chow
18th May George Rennie Melbourne
17th Jul Potosi London
13th Aug John Elder London
25th Aug Sorata London
10th Sep Cuzco London
15th Sep Precurseur Bordeaux
21st Sep Cotopaxi London
23rd Sep Wendouree London
23rd Sep Essex London
8th Oct Liguria London
11th Oct Sikh London
14th Oct Sorrento Hamburg
31st Oct Europa London
1st Nov Maggi Dixon Phillipines
21st Nov Potosi London
13th Dec Hauroto Greenock
31st Dec John Elder London

*The above was taken from a list compiled by Mary Morgan of the NHS in 1975. This was in turn derived from Sanitary Station Returns in the Parliamentary records at the PRO.

We will continue the list as we are able.

We make no claims as to its accuracy but those ships with links have been cross checked with newspaper reports of the day. Hence the links.

Should you have any further or differing information, please contact us.