The Bunurong

The Bunurong (also spelt Bunwurrung, Boonwerung, Bunurowrung, Boonoorong and Bururong) are Indigenous Australians of the Kulin nation, who occupy South-Central Victoria, Australia. Prior to European settlement, they lived as all people of the Kulin nation lived, sustainably on the land, predominantly as hunters and gatherers, for tens of thousands of years. They were referred to by Europeans as the Western Port or Port Philip tribe and were in alliance with other tribes in the Kulin nation, having particularly strong ties to the Wurundjeri people.

tuckey map showing Boonwurrung

Detail from Lt James Tuckey’s chart of Port Phillip of 1804
Showing an early representation of the Boonwurrung

The Bunurong territory extended along the northern, eastern and southern shorelines of Port Phillip, the Mornington Peninsula, Western Port and its two main islands, and land to the south-east down to Wilsons Promontory. From 2005 the Bunurong people have been represented by the Boonwurrung Foundation. They are also recognised in the name of the Bunurong Marine National Park.

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