Point Nepean National Park Master Plan

Point Nepean National Park Master Plan

Planning Information Day
Fri 5 Feb and Sat 6 Feb 2016 10:00am-3:00pm

You are invited to have your say about planning the park’s future and provide feedback on a Discussion Paper which re‐looks at the 2010 draft master plan. Please drop in on the Friday or Saturday to speak with a member of the team involved in renewing the master plan.

The meeting will be held in Badcoe Hall, Point Nepean National Park (end of Point Nepean Road, Portsea)

Community update and discussion paper January 2016

Point-Nepean-consultation2016 coverClick on pic to read . . .

and the response from The NHS. . . . READ IT HERE

Parks Victoria is currently reviewing the Point Nepean National Park Master Plan. An important element of this review is community and stakeholder consultation.
A draft master plan, which involved extensive community and stakeholder consultation, was prepared and exhibited in 2010 (see below). It was prepared within the planning and management context provided by the Point Nepean National Park and Point Nepean Quarantine Station Management Plan 2009.

The Original 2010 Master Plan . . . click below.

PNNP Draft MP Report 2010For more details go to Parks Victoria site . . . HERE

The Quarantine Station

A Public Treasure

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We want to ensure that you are kept up to date with what is happening with the discussions re the future of The Quarantine Station.

Following a briefing from the State Government Frank Hindley, Chairperson of NHS’s Heritage and Planning group, reported that subdivision will be expressly prohibited in the lease agreement but the length of the lease will not be known until after the signing.

Please find HERE a statement on the Quarantine Station issue, approved by the NHS Executive.

Joy Kitch
President NHS

The earlier detailed joint submission from the Nepean Community groups to the State Government is HERE

To learn more about the rich history of The Quarantine Station go HERE

Monthly Meeting October 4th 2013

Speaker: John Grinpukel, Heritage Planner, Parks Victoria

Topic: ‘Heritage & Planning at Point Nepean National Park’

Pt Nepean

Over 40 people attended this talk by heritage planner John Grinpukel. John is a Conservation Architect who has worked at the National Trust, MMBW Parks and Waterways and Parks Victoria in the heritage conservation field. Since mid – 2009 he has been seconded to Point Nepean National Park as heritage planner following the transfer of the Quarantine Station to the State.

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