The Quarantine Station

A Public Treasure

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We want to ensure that you are kept up to date with what is happening with the discussions re the future of The Quarantine Station.

Following a briefing from the State Government Frank Hindley, Chairperson of NHS’s Heritage and Planning group, reported that subdivision will be expressly prohibited in the lease agreement but the length of the lease will not be known until after the signing.

Please find HERE a statement on the Quarantine Station issue, approved by the NHS Executive.

Joy Kitch
President NHS

The earlier detailed joint submission from the Nepean Community groups to the State Government is HERE

To learn more about the rich history of The Quarantine Station go HERE

From Sorrento to Mudgee

by  Peter Munro

It is an oppressively hot Friday in March as I stood beside the grave of Trooper William Croome in the Mudgee Cemetery. Beside me stood William’s great niece Helen Shearman. As we read the inscription on the headstone, my thoughts were with William’s five mates who were buried on the Sorrento Cemetery and of the ‘Drayton Grange’ that ill-fated, ill equipped troopship who through sickness and death is the catalyst for the connection between these two towns.

Helen Shearman with Peter Munro

Helen Shearman with Peter Munro

Sorrento to Mudgee is quite a distance, even by to-day’s standards with the comforts of plane and hire car. Back in August 1902, the trip would have been considerably longer for William Croome who made his final journey from the military hospital at Fort Franklin, Portsea, to his home town of Mudgee, N.S.W. This was a homecoming poor William would never see. Continue reading