Carey Grammar Year 7s Visit

September 2013

Carey Year 7 students spend 2 days at school investigating the Mornington Peninsula.

This is an interdisciplinary study, but the big idea is sustainability and students understand the ownership of the land by the Boonwurrung Balluk clan and developing history of the area and the impact made by humans both positive and negative.

They develop an understanding of the appeal of this area with its wide variety of tourist attractions, but also develop a deep understanding of the geography of the area – climate, erosion, formation of Port Phillip Bay and life in the sea.

We spend 2 days visiting various sites, but the highlight of the visit is the 2 hours spent at the Sorrento Museum learning in-depth about the history of the area – beginning with George Coppin’s vision for Sorrento, the amazing railway to shuttle the thousands who arrived on paddle steamers for their holidays. Students learn about the Collins Settlement and its failure due to the lack of water.

Bergliot Dallas talks at the Sorrento Museum

Bergliot Dallas talks to students at the Sorrento Museum

This is just a taste of the wonderful information presented by passionate speakers. This is what engages the students and they all want to know more. They love to hear the stories – not just the facts – given by informed local people who have a love of the area and their special area of interest.

A highlight for me and all students is Watts’ Cottage. How did these people survive the conditions in the past when our lives are so, so comfortable. So many artefacts, to highlight this lifestyle. Fascinating

A visit to the Sorrento Historical Museum will always be the number one priority for our visit to study this area with an environmental focus.

The staff are flexible and will even combine a morning bus tour of the significant things in this area.

I can only recommend this as a most valuable and special learning experience.

Bev Steer, Middle School Teacher