Sorrento Primary School Visit

4th November 2011

History came to life on 4th November in our Museum and Watts’ Cottage for Sorrento Primary School Grade 1 and 2 students thanks to a group of enthusiastic NHS volunteers in period costume.

NHS Volunteers in Costume

NHS Volunteers in Costume

From Natasha Wicks the children heard about the way of life of the Boonwurung people and lime-burning, the first local industry of white settlers. Rhonda Fitzjohn, assisted by the silent figure of Lieutenant David Collins, described the short-lived settlement at Sullivan Bay in 1803. Barry Nicholls told stirring tales of shipwrecks and rescue. Des Young’s focus on transport included the paddle-steamers that brought visitors from Melbourne and the Sorrento Tram that linked them with the Ocean Beach. Joy Kitch, attired in early motoring gear, presided over a table of mysterious household objects from days gone by which the students were able to discuss and handle. In the clothing section Jo Davie and Elaine Nicholls, splendidly dressed, demonstrated the intricacies of corsets and other relics of the past!

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