1911 In Review

1911 revealed Australia’s census to have a population of 4,435,000 people. Which bank was established? Of course it was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In a personality and country race, Amundsen won the victory to be the first to the South Pole and for all those wanting to hum a tune, ‘Alexander’s Rag Time Band’ was the number one hit tune of 1911.

My three hours of Research at the State Library of Victoria into the events and happenings within the Sorrento community in 1911 was interesting to say the least. About ½ way through my research, I began to wonder just how many times George Morce, a local identity would be brought before the Sorrento Court. I had reached the month of August and already he had managed 4 appearances (3 for being drunk and disorderly with the usual fine of 10∕- or 48 hours’ default) and one for throwing a missile which turned out to be a beer bottle.

Mornington and Dromana Standard 1911

Here are a few further snippets of daily life in and around Sorrento in 1911 as reported in “The Mornington and Dromana Standard” of the day:

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