Peninsula Specialist College Visit

3rd June 2013

The Peninsula Specialist College visit to The Sorrento Museum and Watts’ Cottage in June was most rewarding and resulted in a batch of appreciative letters from students and staff. Some excerpts from these, along with some photos from the day are shown below.

Bergliot Dallasschl 2013 jun 3“I really enjoyed hearing about the children that lived in the cottage. I learnt about their lives back in the olden days. I loved the peg dolls.” – Jessica

“I liked the cannon and the olden day things. It was too much work in the olden days.” – James Bschl 2013 jun 6

“I liked the butter churner and the beds. I can’t believe the kids slept top and tail.” – JamesAschl 2013 jun 5

“I liked the dolls that were made of sock and the wooden table where they had their meals. I learnt about cooking food on the fire.” – Caoimhe Moyaschl 2013 jun 4

“I learnt about the tram, it took people to the Back beach from the pier. People came from Melbourne on the paddle steamer.” – Thomasschl 2013 jun 1