NHS 50th Anniversary

Saturday, September 5th 2015, at The Museum

50th pic

Nepean Historical Society – The Sorrento Museum celebrated 50 years of commitment to local heritage.

The year of 1965 was a year of significant events in Australia including the first drawing of marbles for military conscription, the Tasmanian Government announcing the Gordon River Scheme, Prime Minister Robert Menzies declaring Australian forces would be sent to South Vietnam –

AND the meeting of 16 local people to form the Nepean Historical Society.

On Saturday September 5th 2015, over 100 people gathered at The Sorrento Museum to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this well respected Society of volunteers who still work energetically to preserve local heritage in all its forms – buildings, precincts, stories, artefacts and photographs.

NHS 50th Enjoying the displays

Crowds Enjoying The Displays

In the audience descendants of the first President, Major Welch and the first Archivist, Mrs. Eileen McCraw heard four previous NHS Presidents describe various events and NHS campaigns, such as those to save Point Nepean and Collins Settlement and how they saw the future of the society.

NHS 50th Speakers

L-R: Joy Kitch (President NHS), Past Presidents: Dr. Robert Barnes (2006-12), John Alexander (1995-99), Dorothy Houghton MBE, Past President: Frank Hindley (1999-2002), Prof. Weston Bate OAM, Past President: Doreen Parker (2012-14) and Don Ewart (Past NHS Secretary)

The formal part of the afternoon ended with Professor Weston Bate OAM proposing a toast and reading from one of his beautiful poems. Prof. Bate, university teacher, poet and author of 13 history books has had a relationship with the society since 1965 when he addressed the first Committee in 1965, on the functions and aims of an historical society.

NHS 50th Weston Bate

Professor Weston Bate OAM Toasts the NHS

Murray Adams, the Shire’s Digitisation Officer, compiled a marvelous DVD of photos over the 50 years of NHS events which screened for the rest of the afternoon provoking memories and discussion.

It was a happy afternoon for all involved.

Joy Kitch, President NHS