Hell Ship – The Journey of The Ticonderoga

A sea voyage | A tragedy | A love story

In 1852 the Ticonderoga was a handsome clipper ship with a nightmare hidden in its holds. She limped into Port Phillip after a nightmare voyage from England during which 100 of her passengers had died of Typhus.

A story almost lost, this is a true moment of Australian maritime folklore. Journey through hopes of a new world, then almost smell the rotting stench of them slipping away. All the time travel the themes of family, of grit and of courage – and love.

A young surgeon is thrust into the role of saving those remaining – and he did with a dedicated assistant at his side. This man was James William Henry Veitch. Michael Veitch’s great great Grandfather and his assistant, Annie Morrison his great great Grandmother. For Michael, this is a very personal story.

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Master story-teller Michael Veitch carries us back to early Melbourne with a personal history woven into our shared colonial past. He brings back from the dead the benighted souls who perished on the hellish journey of the Ticonderoga and the few wretches that survived. It’s a poignant tale with a vividly regenerated cast of characters. Michael Veitch does it all, brilliantly and single-handedly.” . . .  Max Gillies AM